Before we moved to Les Vignes Basses full time we lived and worked in South Korea teaching in the public school system. Whilst there, we had large chunks of free time to look a the internet, which we used to research, learn, read and discuss what we want from our lives in France and exactly what we want to do on the land. Through various blogs, Facebook pages, pages shared by friends and oodles of trawling on the internet we stumbled upon permaculture.
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The Good Life

Living a sustainable life has become really important to us over the last couple of years. Fueled by a desire to be self-sufficient, we gave up on trying to live in the UK and traded countries to France. We would not have thought about doing this were it not for Dan’s parents who already live in France and adore the place. The thought of getting in debt for 30 years in the UK just to own some bricks and mortar (that we probably wouldn’t like anyway), because the housing market is so inflated, felt like a decidedly incorrect choice for us.

After searching for alternatives we came back to the idea of France which had been planted by Dan’s folks and their wonderful life there. In France housing is not seen in terms of a market but as something to actually ‘house’ people. Much more sensible and the prices are reflective of this.
So we bought ourselves a patch of build-able land in the lovely Charente department in the middle of France, named Les Vignes Basses – The Low Vines.
This blog will document our journey to sustainable living at Les Vignes Basses, please help us along with comments, suggestions and ideas!
Les Vignes Basses when it all began...

Les Vignes Basses when it all began…