First Building Project – The Workshop

After spending a few weeks in September working in the Spanish Pyrenees we returned to Les Vignes Basses with fresh motivation to finish our workshop/woodshed. It was a design produced by Dan but which is is better explained via pictures. For those interested in how we built the workshop ourselves, here come the photos:  First off we had a wood delivery. As predicted the lorry couldn’t get on to our land and we had to carry it on.
 After that te hard graft started – pick axing our (mainly Dan!) way through to seemingly level foundations.
 Once the foundations were level-ish, it was time to start rammin tyres with earth and gravel.
 These had to be checked to make sure they were level. The next stage involved creating the post holder. These went on top of the first tyre and under the next three-four.
 Piling up the tyres. Overall we had 1.2 tonnes of gravel plus an awful lot of earth in the 18 tyres.
 Time to put the frame together. Beautiful modelling by professional outdoor model Dan.
 As you can see we had to get a professional in to check the strength of the frame…
 Putting on roof struts for extra support. Despite adding an extra joist we wanted to make sure the roof is super secure.
 Screwing down the roof to the struts took a lot of expert eye sight measuring from Flee!
 Et voila! The final aspect was the guttering which will allow us to harvest large amounts of water from the roof in to our 1000 litre cube 😍

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