And The Fleas That Tease In The High Pyrenees

Thanks for the great title Clare! And Hilaire Belloc of course…

Right lucky beans we are to have been invited back to work in the Pyrenees for a couple of weeks with our old company Collett’s Mountain Holidays. We were lucky enough  to spend an entire summer living and working in Panticosa and the surrounding mountains during the summer of 2012. Since then, we have been asked to help out with staff training as well as making up staff numbers during the GR11 special holiday weeks in September.

We had a bloomin marvellous time there this September, all thanks to the guys already in resort; Remy, Clare, Will & Claire. So many excellent days walking along with the absolute highlight, canyoning. Here are a few snapshots:


 An insanely gorgeous view over the Sierra De La Partacua, on the Punta Del Pacino walk.
  Dan hitching a ride in this beauty. A 1948 Jaguar 😍
 One of the many lakes on the Ayous Lakes walk in the French Pyrenees.

  Admiring the view with our lovely group of guests. 
 Taking it all in at the base of Casterau Peak.

  An EPIC day out canyoning with these fine folk…
 Reaching the mirador at the top of the climb on the Faja De Pelay walk at the Ordesa Canyon. If you haven’t been…What are you waiting for?!

  The view from the mirador on a supremely dramatic day.
 Hanging out having fun times with these lovely guests, Jayne and Andy 😎

 Dan on his impromptu donkey ride!!

  Awesome cloud inversion – caught from Anayet just as it was lifting.
 THE night out in Panticosa…

  As things progressed…
 At the top of Aguas Limpias – not too shabby 😉

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