Welcome to Les Vignes Basses

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Change is a regular part of life here at Les Vignes Basses. Whether it be changes to the straw bale house, the permaculture plan, the off-grid house systems, how we grow food, or our mindset, change is always an adventure. We love to share these changes in our approach to life in the hope that more people will find the motivation for an adventurous lifestyle that is both rewarding and more at one with the world around us.

Happenings at Les Vignes Basses

As we and the land at Les Vignes Basses evolve, so does our way of engaging people. We plan to run courses, or perhaps retreats is a better word, to empower people to take back control of their own lives through, Yoga, meditation, fostering a sense of community and eco-building.

Ferrocement Water Tanks

Whilst building our own Ferrocement Water Tanks with many helping hands along the way, we realised that if we could do it, anyone could do it.

Having lived with two of these water tanks providing all our water needs for three years now, we decided to create a little ‘how to guide’ with the beautiful visual help of illustrations from our friend, Berre Daneels.

The book was published by Permanent Publications and is now available.

We hope it will be useful for those who are thinking about building their own domestic water storage as it is suitable for most climates, except the harshest cold regions.


Following on from our Ferrocement Water Tank guide, we thought it might be useful to offer a consultation service if you are thinking about or are in the middle of creating your own water storage tank.

Guest Appearance on The Freedom Project Podcast

We were deeply humbled to be invited on to Sue Parker’s Podcast ‘The Freedom Project’.

We talked about the whole spectrum of love, life and the universe, but focused particularly on:

  • Living off-grid
  • The freedom this brings
  • Abundance in life and what that means
  • Self belief and empowerment
  • Resilience

We hope you enjoy the conversation and would love any feedback you may have to share.

Sue is a good friend of ours and she has been a part of our project from the very beginning. We very much enjoyed exploring the subjects together.

Featured in Permaculture International Magazine

We were lucky enough to have had a couple of articles documenting our project published in Permaculture Magazine. It is great to be able to tell the story of the straw bale house and share it with people all over the world.

The articles look at both the straw bale house and its building as well as the off-grid nature of the house, most especially the water system.

Our most recent article features in the 2022 Summer edition – PM 112 and is outlining why we chose the ferrocement water tanks and what they have brought to our lives. It is the back story of how we came to create the Ferrocement Water Tank book, which guides readers through the process of creating their own.

Guest Appearance on ‘Lose Ur Blues’ Facebook Live Webinar

During the height of the pandemic we were asked by an old friend Hema Bajaj to come on to her innovative live show and talk about a debt-free lifestyle. It was an enlightening exchange and one which we very much enjoyed.

Who are we?

We are a couple (triple with the cat) of dreamers striving for a more sustainable life in the French countryside.

We love the adventurous side of life, believing every new challenge is just a new adventure waiting to happen.

Living harmoniously with both nature and within ourselves is very important to us, as is sharing, hosting and meeting new people from around the globe.


โ€œThe wide world is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.โ€

โ€” Gildor, Lord Of The Rings