Welcome to Les Vignes Basses

2019 at Les Vignes Basses

Exciting things are happening this year at Les Vignes Basses! We are running our first eco-building course on the land (details below👇🏼) alongside all the other projects such as installing water capturing systems in the straw bale house, ramping up vegetable growing, and a constant general progression towards our permaculture plan.


Green Building & Empowerment Course; Straw Bale Building For Self Builders

Do you find yourself hankering after learning some new skills? Or perhaps you’re up for a challenge, maybe a complete change of lifestyle or a new adventure? Learning to build with straw bales has fulfilled all of the above for us and so much more, including a new respect for each other and our relationship and a very defined sense of empowerment, as well as a house which we know is working in harmony with its environment, not to mention all the incredible memories and experiences built up as fabulous friends and family have helped us with the project.

As complete building amateurs* we have achieved things we never thought possible and discovered that we would love to pass on this learning to others and so, along with the help of our professional teaching backgrounds, we plan to run our first three-day Green Building & Empowerment course. The programme is divided into sections; theoretical learning and practical skills alongside space for discussion about how to organise living a more sustainable life.

Who We Are


Pursuing an ecological life is a top priority for me. This includes sustainable debt-free building, growing of every kind, less/zero-waste, and following a permaculture ideology in life. I teach English online alongside Dan and I love to practice Yoga outside whenever my cat lets me. For me a huge part of living on our land is sharing knowledge with others, enabling them to also live sustainably.


For me empowerment through experience and the competence gained through such experience is life changing. Taking responsibility for my impact on the world is central to this approach, by confronting a new challenge, be it dealing with human waste or creating off grid energy, entails new knowledge and ultimately a deep sense of empowerment. It is this that I want to share with people.

Featured in Permaculture International Magazine

Last year we were lucky enough to have our article documenting our build published in Permaculture Magazine. It was great to be able to tell the story of the straw bale house and share it with people all over the world.

Latest Posts

Home Sweet Home

I blinked and it was gone… Yes, summer has flown by! Suddenly the leaves are starting to turn in colour and float to the ground announcing autumn’s arrival.

A Sealed Structure

Now is the time to reflect upon some of the successes, failures and surprises which the winter and spring had in store for us and our straw bale house.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors really are making all the difference to the house. It’s starting to feel like an indoor space now. The windows super easy once we had all the right components.