Delightful Days in the Dolomites

After feeling pretty cold and damp in the caravan, it took us a mere nano-second to jump at the opportunity to do some cover work with, what feels like our old family, Collett’s Mountain Holidays in the Italian Dolomites.

Not that we are particularly keen for injuries during the winter season, I know how disappointing this can be, but we are very happy to help out if the occasion demands it 🙂

Two weeks working in Ciasa Verena? YES PLEASE. So we headed over to the Dollies in our little Jazz, stopping over in Turin along the way. Once we reached Corvara we met up with friends old and new and proceeded to have a total blast skiing with guests and all of the Collett’s crew. The days out on the mountain with guests and friends were awesome; great snow, great weather (except for the top of the Marmolada!) and delectable food, everything we’ve come to expect from the Dolomites. 

Towards the end of our time there and after the guests had all gone home, the Alta Badia held a vintage ski day for everyone left in resort. This consisted of all the season-naires, lifties, refugio workers and locals. A day-long ski/bar crawl in old skool ski gear (either seriously vintage or 80s!) followed by an enormous party at L’Murin.

Here are some of the pics from the adventure:

One Comment on “Delightful Days in the Dolomites

  1. Stunning retro gear pickies! Dan looks younger every year. What’s the secret cos I want some! Ben xx


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