Cold Water Swimming

Cold water swimming. Often greeted with a delightful mixture of sheer horror and intrigue, this fun little hobby of mine has time and again brought joy to those around me, normally through caving in and immersing themselves in the chocking cold water.

Water Filtration System

Now that we having running water in the house – and hot water no less, we decided it was high time to upgrade our grey water filtration system. Originally, we were granted planning permission after having a study completed of our land which ensured that it was suitable for a ‘Lit De Roseaux’, or reed bed system of filtration. The study outlined the exact measurements, tanks, locations and size of the filtration system. This was out of our reach in terms of cost and so we have essentially made a carbon copy of the system but utilising a different type of tank; namely a cast iron bath tub.

Hank The Tank

Having the ability to store water seems to create an innate sense of secure satisfaction now that our ferro-cement tanks are finished. Collecting and holding lovely cool, clean and fresh water in a passive way.